Professional services you can count on.

At Redneck Pipe Rental, we have a veteran team of experts always on hand to help you find the best industry solutions for your operation. We specialize in making things simple for our customers. That’s why we provide real product value in addition to fair, straightforward pricing across all areas of service, without the hassle of multiple suppliers.

Offering high-quality tubular products and professional repair, our customers have come to count on us for a wide range of services, including:

  • Pipe Rental, Repair and Inspection (on premises)
  • Pipe Straightening
  • Pipe Make & Break
  • Hard Banding (on premises)
  • Phosphating
  • Yard Storage
  • Sub Rental, Handling Equipment, Manufacturing, and Repair.

Pipe Rental & Repair

Redneck Pipe Rental is the primary source for the manufacturing, rental and repair of oil and gas tubulars. We provide competitive market pricing and flat-rate monthly invoices that help keep managing operations simple. By repairing pipe in our own proprietary machine shops, we maintain control over the entire process to guarantee our tool joints last longer—extending the life of the drill pipe. We specialize in API drill pipe repair, high-performance drill pipe, drill collars, sub repair, and casing repair involving premium casing connections. Turnaround times are also fast, typically requiring only 2-3 days to complete repairs.

The moment the drill pipe is on the rig, it’s not interchanged. That means our customers have peace of mind knowing they never receive lower quality pipe due to poor management or oversight. You always receive unmatched service and support throughout the life of any of our products. Adding to the reliability of our rental pipe is the fact Redneck is the only company to use only 135,000 psi tubulars for pipe accessories.

Pipe Rental Options
4” High-Torque Drill Pipe
4.5” High-Torque Drill Pipe
5” High-Torque Drill Pipe
5.5” High-Torque Drill Pipe
2-3/8” PTECH Completion Drill Pipe™
2-7/8” PTECH Completion Drill Pipe™

For customers interested in purchasing options rather than pipe rental, please contact us today to receive more information.