Pipe & Accessories

Redneck Pipe Rental is focused on high-quality products and providing an equally high level of service and support. We make the promise to our customers to track all pipes that come in and out of our shops, making sure they always exceed standards for safety and performance. Our experts are committed to delivering unmatched quality assurance with detailed inspections of each joint.

We strive to provide a level of long-lasting performance competitors can’t match, so customers can know they’re getting the most out of every pipe. By improving on old industry standards, we make it happen. In fact, our new drill pipe tube features a minimum wall thickness of .355”, compared to the standard .333”. When pipes are repaired, a ground-breaking 5/8” cut is used to do the job—over half the size of standard cuts. And that’s just the start…

PTECH+ Connection

The PTECH+ Connection is an exclusive torque connection with exceptional torsional and fatigue properties, specially designed to outlast and outperform standard connections. The increased critical cross-sectional areas and the shoulder contact areas of these connections create a unique design that improves the mechanical properties compared to other connections. The PTECH+ Connection also takes advantage of the 135ksi specified material yield strength (SMYS) to improve performance.

This proprietary technology is engineered and manufactured for the purpose of maximizing performance. Providing the strength and power drilling operators expect, without the premium pricing.

The Key Features of the PTECH+ Connection

  • Patented Thread Design
  • Optimal Torque Capability
  • Improved Fatigue Resistance
  • Reduced Peak Stress

PTECH Completion Drill Pipe

Conventional, industry-standard tubing presents various challenges when dealing with extended reach and other critical completion operations. To meet the demands of these drilling operations, PTECH Completion Drill Pipe provides higher torsional strength, gas-tight seals, and a streamlined connection profile.

Field-proven PTECH Completion Drill Pipe combines metal-to-metal seal connections—highlighted by a rotary shoulder connection—with the pressure integrity of a premium connection. The streamlined configuration of this tubing also features an oversized inside diameter throughout the connection and tube, effectively maximizing hydraulic efficiency and preventing obstruction.

PTECH Completion Drill Pipe is available in 2-3/8” and 2-7/8” diameter sizes.

PTECH High-Torque Drill Pipe

PTECH High-Torque Drill Pipe is the trusted industry solution for long laterals and other demanding drilling applications, featuring a patented design with a robust rotary shoulder connection. This connection delivers significantly higher torsional capacity than standard connections (of similar size), while also meeting the strictest standards of safety and dependability for drilling operations in rougher, high-risk conditions. With its increased torsional capacity, the PTECH High-Torque Drill Pipe drastically improves the life of the tool joint by tolerating more OD wear. Providing superior, long-lasting performance over API and other premium drill pipes.

PTECH High-Torque Drill Pipe is available in 4”, 4.5”, 5” and 5.5” diameter sizes.

Sub Rental, Maintenance, and Repairs

For a wide range of subs – top drives, crossovers, test plug, lifting, bit applications, and pup joints – Redneck Pipe Rental is your source for sales, rentals, and repairs. To meet a wide range of customer needs, we offer any sub required to help make it to bottom.

Our pricing is competitive, and we offer the option of monthly sub rental packages. In addition, we feature fast turnaround times, typically requiring only 2-3 days to complete repairs. For added reliability, all Redneck subs are machined to API standards.