Redneck Pipe Rental Principles


Murray Dallas - Founder & Owner
Prior founder/owner, Stinger Wellhead Protection

Thorn Huffman - Founder & Owner
Owner, Tiger Trading

Vance Barber - President
Extensive Oil Industry Experience

Each of Redneck’s priciples have extensive backgrounds in the service, oil and gas businesses. With well over 100 years combined experience in oilfield service companies, Redneck’s principles have the contacts and the experience to know what is required by Redneck to put together a team that ensures customers are offered proper service.

*Redneck Pipe Rentals LLC was incorporated in 2010


To supply our customers quality drill pipe & accessories at a competitive rental rate with the support & service they need to deliver results.

Redneck Pipe Rental will rent and sell pipe to drilling industry experts with the understanding that Redneck has a full backup facility located no more than 3 hours away, equipped with extra stock of drill pipe, heavy-weight and support equipment. Redneck offers customers unique rental and pipe purchasing programs. By teaming up with TSC Drill Pipe, Redneck was awarded the opportunity to furnish a consistent high-quality product for the drilling industry that is both reliable and efficient.

Currently, operators in the field are obtaining great results with high-quality torque pipe connection. In the past, operators had difficulty getting the service they needed to keep the pipe operating after a couple of years. Redneck decided to step in with a better solution.

In December 2011, the ownership of the connection was purchased for Redneck’s shops by sister company PTECH Drilling Tubulars LLC. Redneck immediately ordered machining equipment, tool joints and tubes to start manufacturing the pipe in with TSC Drill Pipe. Fully operational machine shops and pipe yards have been set up in Glendive, Montana, Nunn, Colorado, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Conroe, Texas and Charlotte, Texas. Each of the facilities will have new CNC equipment capable of making quality re-cuts on the PTECH Connection and also API connections. Redneck’s facilities are new and have only the top machining and safety equipment that is required to get the job done in a safe and timely manner.

Redneck is staffed with highly experienced veterans for the field of engineering and for the operation and sales teams. As of May 2012, Redneck put together a team that will make this new pipe rental concept a reality.

At Redneck Pipe Rentals, customers will be given a real choice in quality, availability, and service. Service is first priority and Redneck is dedicated to providing high-quality resources at affordable prices. Redneck strives to make this the optimal solution for all.